The Sentient Cork

Reflections from the Surface

I'm CFO of Sojourners Magazine (www.sojo.net) where I've been since 2004. I spent the previous quarter century Earning A Living (information technology, management, administration, consulting, finance) and Saving The World (working as a volunteer on advocacy, activism, justice, faith-based organizing, peace work). Originally part of the class of 1979, I finally managed to graduate from the University of Toronto in 2003. I grew up in Ottawa, Canada.

I am an active Episcopalian. My wife and I live in suburban Philadelphia, along with three amazing border collies. Our beloved daughter, son-in-law and 2006 Christmas Gift Granddaughter live in North Carolina.

Last month I turned 50 years old, which is no problem, really, not an issue at all. Hardly worth mentioning.

My interests include monastic guest houses, liturgy, English choral music (performing and appreciating), contemporary popular theology, border collies, poetry, Marcus Borg, artsy films and B movies, social change, the Montreal Canadiens, Jim Wallis, the Anglican Communion, football, Centering Prayer, all aspects of dog-sport competition, spiritual direction and big, fat novels by George Eliot, Jane Austen, Melville, A.S. Byatt and others. Born in the UK, a naturalized US Citizen, I remain essentially a Canadian at heart.